Green Advice

The use of green tactics nowadays, is a very important issue about our planet and affects the way we live even when we are on vacation. So, at Voula Resort we recommend some green advice we can all implement.

We make the difference!

-We make sure that we don’t soil towels in vain. A lot of water and power is needed for them to be cleaned.
-We set the air condition at 27 degrees, or we open the windows for fresh air. Air condition shouldn’t function with open doors and windows.
-When we leave the rooms, we deactivate the machines to off and not standby.
-breakfast includes a variety of fruit from our island (melons, grapes, figs etc) and the plants’ watering in our garden is being with water from our own well.
-We can suggest you bike routes in places and beaches where the road allows biking.

Responsibility for the environment during your vacation at Elafonisos.

-We keep Elafonisos clean.
-We gather garbage from the beach and of course we don’t litter.
-We admire the sand dunes and the cedar-woods at Simos and Holy Mary’s beach yet we respect and protect them.
-We don’t collect sand from the beaches, we don’t drive or park on them.
-We all help at maintain the natural environment, protecting the vegetation and the animals on the island.
-We make good use of rare and valuable sources, especially water and power.

Different Elafonisos.

Elafonisos is an island with beautiful, dreamy, sandy beaches, such as Simos, Sarakiniko, Leuki, Holy Mary’s islands, Pounta and at the back side of the island Agliftis. Area suitable for trecking is the route from Holy Mary’s islands to Agliftis. The whole island is on Natura 2000 programm. The municipality of Elafonisos is responsible for cleaning the island, the beaches and planting trees. Its basic purpose is cleanliness and environment’s protection. We can help so we can make its job easier. You can ask the reception about the ancient city “Pavlopetri”, to be given advice to visit it.

Flora and Fauna of Elafonisos.
Elafonisos is at the southest spot of Peloponnisos. Many plant species that there are at Elafonisos are adjusted at the mediteranean climate that is characterized by little raining. A tree species that is found at Elafonisos is cedar (sea-cedar) (juniperus macrocarpa) and reaches till 15 metres height. Other species that one can find near the sand dunes are Holy Mary’s lillies.

Ranges: You can visit the lake at Pounta, where emigrant birds can find a shelter.

Thank you for your good intention
We wish you a wonderful stay

Voula Resort